Welcome To The Splash Zone

A little over a week has passed since Sweater nation tossed their beer + blood stained sweaters into the drawer to rest until next fall. Archie is locked in for another year and we’ve got 6 or 7 new players to look forward to, along with our remaining core. But before we completely dim the lights on another Flyer season, let’s keep the candle burning one more night.

For those of you living under a rock the last week (or anyone who cut ties with the tournament once Oklahoma happened), I’m talking about the 3-point shootout tonight on ESPN, where Jordan Sibert will toss on his Flyer tunic one last time.

(Side note: HAVE to appreciate this all-time end to a senior season. “Last” home game in our house on March 3rd. Then Boise gave him another. And now, a few days after bowing out to Oklahoma, getting the call to rep the Flyers in Indianapolis tonight for the shootout.)

A look at his competition’s stats from behind the arc:

  • Alex Barlow – Butler (103 made on 290 attempts = 36%)
  • Matt Carlino – Marquette (240 made on 666 attempts = 36%)
  • Corey Hawkins – UC Davis (176 made on 434 attempts = 41%)
  • Ryan Boatright – UConn (199 made on 524 attempts = 38%)
  • Darrun Hillard – Villanova (209 made on 569 attempts = 37%)
  • Patrick Connaughton – Notre Dame (268 made on 695 attempts = 39%)
  • Kevin Pangos – Gonzaga (332 made on 776 attempts = 42%)
  • Jordan Sibert: 163 made on 424 attempts = 38%

Take it away Larry!


My point: when it comes to tomorrow, no one should care about the stats or competition. This is going to be flat out fun. I’ve seen all I need from Sibert and can’t ask for anything more. The game winners against IPFW + Boise to the nonstop catch-and-shoot three’s over the last two (CHRIST why wasn’t it four) seasons. Facts are facts, the kid is immune to pressure.

Regardless of whether or not he buries these other guys tonight, I’m going to kick back and enjoy a NO PRESSURE Dayton basketball appearance on ESPN and watch this kid give it his all one more time for the red and blue.

Now cue The Splash Zone, one last time for old time’s sake.




P.S. Can’t not mention Hoover will be competing in the Women’s 3 point shootout tonight as well. Now while I only saw a few minutes of her this season, she flat out gets BUCKETS and will be extremely competitive against anyone out there tonight.


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