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Are we really Booing Anthony Bennett out there?

Chris Fedor’s article from cleveland.com:

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cavs have gotten off to a slow start, and the fans are letting them hear about it.

After last night’s loss to the Washington Wizards, 98-91, the team dropped to 4-8 on the young season. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has preached patience on Twitter, saying how much of the season is still ahead of the team. Head coach Mike Brown has talked about it being a process. 

But this is not what the Cavs had envisioned, not after they brought Brown back to add some defense and after they spent money in free agency on Earl Clark, Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum.

team meeting less than 10 games into the season wasn’t part of the Cavs’ plan. Being showered with boos while trailing the Washington Wizards by 27 points on their own home court wasn’t either. Nor was first-overall pick Anthony Bennett accounting for more air balls than made field goals. Bennett is now 5 of 37 from the field. 

Fans are frustrated. Last night, after Bennett’s latest three-point attempt failed to brush the rim, boos rained down on the struggling rook. Hearing the gesture caused fans and media members on Twitter to express how they felt.


I’ll probably get eaten alive for this. Truth be told I’m on both sides here. But are we really booing this guy 3 weeks into his career? Come on. I get it, we’ve been skeptical about Bennett since day one, and his .001% stats are backing that up. Still can’t be slightly bummed out to see fans boo a guy who’s not only new to the league but new to the city. We’re better than that, and have enough issues to worry about. Don’t get me wrong, I was sick to my stomach watching us get smoked by the Wizards the other night. Going into halftime down that many points embarrassed everyone. It’s 12 games into the year. We’re all used to hearing “be patient” for all of our teams, but this year I truly feel patience will pay off. Jack and Waiters will improve, Kyrie will start playing out of his mind again, and who knows – maybe we’ll see some oldschool Bynum come out of no where. 

Let’s give the kid a chance.

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